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        E-mail: vincezhang@hqc-aluminumcase.com

        Aluminum Briefcase

        HQC aluminum case has durable and lightweight . These quality computer cases enable a worry-free transport of your computer. Protective laptop computer cases and notebook cases come in either slim or deep configurations to incorporate a wide range of laptop sizes and styles.

        Aluminum Laptop Briefcase

        Mode NO.:HQC-ab 001

        Aluminum Attache Case

        Mode NO.:HQC-ab 002
        Dimension: 430*300*140 MM

        Black Aluminum Briefcase

        Mode NO.:HQC-ab 003
        Dimension: 430*300*140 MM

        Silver Aluminum Briefcase

        Mode NO.:HQC-ab 004
        Dimension: 310*210*70 MM

        Aluminum Attache Case New

        Mode NO.:HQC-ab 005
        Dimension: 460*330*128 MM

        Aluminum Briefcase New

        Mode NO.:HQC-ab 006
        Dimension: 250*200*76 MM

        Aluminum Laptop Case

        Mode NO.:HQC-ab 007
        Dimension:460*330*150 MM

        Aluminum Briefcase with Strap

        Mode NO.:HQC-ab 010
        Dimension:325*235*52 MM

        Business Aluminum Briefcase

        Mode NO.:ST-ab 001and ST-ab 002

        Aluminum Briefcases are made from pure high quality aluminum material, combined with fashionable design . These briefcases may be used on family holidays and on company trips. As a result of the superiority of the material that is used to make these cases being rather high, they never seem to get old even after using them for a significant amount of time. The case panels consist of strengthened aluminum plates with decorative design structure. The carrying briefcases have many different forms. With regards to the requirements of the customer, we will offer many different sizes of aluminum briefcases.

        Attache cases and briefcases are also available in slim or deep configurations. These lightweight brief cases and attache cases come with various slots and compartments for storage and organization.

        We accept customed briefcases. All the parts and inner lining could be designed for you to meet your special requirements.

        Aluminum briefcase`s Additional options

        Cutom  foam insertsPouches
        Divider systemsCustom labeling
        PocketsCarrying straps

        Contact us about our aluminum briefcase whenever you need.

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