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        E-mail: vincezhang@hqc-aluminumcase.com

        Aluminum CD/DVD Storage Case

        * Could collection and storage CDs/DVDs in home
        * Protect CDs/DVDs from damage and scratches in transporting
        * Could show CDs/DVDs in rule

        Specialty Aluminum CD Cases

        Mode NO.:HQC-cd 001
        Dimension: OEM

        HQC Aluminum CD/DVD Storage Cases  have a rugged exterior and padded interior making it ideal for CDs/DVDs cases and inner parts could do as you need.
        1, For outside case, HQC could change profile/frame by your different usage
          *  If just use to store and collection in the home, we could try to use some parts to save cost.
          *  If use to transport in traveling, must use very strong profile and panel.
        2, For inner case, HQC aluminum case have some different styles:
        * Shelves style which could hold  Double-sided Plastic Sleeves , Like:

        * Removable dividers style which could hold CD/DVD cases, like:

        * Vinyl disc style which could hold vinyl disc, like:
        HQC Aluminum Case could design and solve different packing requirements of CD/DVD, if want to collection and protect CD/DVD better, please contact us now.

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