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        E-mail: vincezhang@hqc-aluminumcase.com

        Aluminum Gun Case

        We are a case manufacturer specializing in shotgun, skeet, trap gun ,breakdown shotgun cases, Single Rifle cases, double rifle cases.

        Gun cases are ideal for storing guns, not only to protect the gun, but to protect others, especially children, from the gun. Many of our aluminum gun cases have various exteriors to choose from including diamond plate and camouflage.
        We have the largest selection of gun cases and aluminum rifle case to fit every need. Our variety of gun cases assures that you get the gun case you need - not just what some store wants to sell you.

        HQC aluminum  case`s extensive offering of  aluminum gun cases assure that we have the right case to protect your firearms. We offer any variety to choose from such as skeet, skeet tube trap gun, and breaks shotgun cases. Our aluminum gun cases can hold multiple shotguns, extra barrels and offer plenty of storage room.

        Our high quality aluminum gun cases offer protection from the elements, are all lockable and are fitted with plush velvet, suede or foam cushion interiors. Personalization is available with optional embroidery and name tags. The beauty of a HQC`s case is surpassed only by the superior protection it gives. Our gun cases are the standard by which all other cases are judged.


        Aluminum Rifle Case

        Mode NO.:HQC-a002
        Dimension: 1230*230*90 MM

        Aluminum Pistol Case

        Mode NO.:HQC-ag 001
        Dimension: 300*190*90 MM

        Aluminum Gun Case for Rifle

        Mode NO.:HQC-ag 003
        Dimension: 1230*230*90 MM

        Aluminum Short Gun Case

        Mode NO.:HQC-ag 004
        Dimension: 290*220*110MM

        Aluminum Short Gun Case (Blue)

        Mode NO.:HQC-ag 005

        Gun Case for Gun Scope

        Mode NO.:HQC-ag 006
        Dimension:480*120*110 MM

        Aluminum Handgun Case

        Mode NO.:HQC-ag 007
        Dimension: 290*220*110MM

        Aluminum Pistol Gun Case

        Mode NO.:HQC-ag 008
        Dimension: 270*200*70 MM

        Aluminium Pistol Case

        Mode NO.:HQC-ag 009
        Dimension: 310*200*100 MM

        Handgun Case HQC-ag 010

        Mode NO.:HQC-ag 010

        Aluminum Case for Swat Scope

        Mode NO.:HQC-ag 012
        Dimension: 565*115*52 MM

        We accept customed aluminum gun case too.

        Let us know the exterior size you require, any size is possible. HQC aluminum cases have carried everything, including satellites, 450-lb cameras, tools, delicate electronic instruments and medical supplies.

        Once we determine the size case, we can work on the interior. You can have any style interior from empty to foam-lined, foam-filled or customized.

        Whenever you need gun case, please feel free to contact us.

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