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        E-mail: vincezhang@hqc-aluminumcase.com

        Aluminum Instrument Case

        Do you want to protect your instruments , equipment better?

        Aluminum instrument cases make it easy to present goods attractively directly on site with the customer, without requiring extensive setup and make it easy to transport them without any damage. The case is opened quickly to reveal the orderly and organised contents. Naturally, this means the size and format of the aluminum instrument case needs to be tailored to the goods being protected, and the interior configuration has to be designed accordingly.

        Aluminum instrument case offer an ideal transport and packaging solution for a wide range of applications. It is used to put a style of instruments. The cut-foam in the bottom was cut according to the dimension of instruments. The foam in the lid, it just touches the surface of instruments when we close the case. Lightweight, lockable and affordable, they are perfect for protecting and transporting your instrument. Besides, different colors and sizes can be made to satisfy your requirement.

        HQC aluminum case has specialised in the fabrication of cases in all conceivable versions. Whether you need an aluminum instrument case that presents goods to their best advantage, or a transport case to bring everything to its destination safely: here you are sure to find the right solution for storing your products. HQC offers custom aluminum instrument cases, precisely tailored to meet your individual needs and requirements. A large selection of colours allows the aluminum instrument case to be matched directly to your company's feature or the colours of your products, creating a harmonious overall impression. Printing your logo on the case not only gives it that personal touch, but also constitutes effective advertising.

        Custom Instrument Case

        Mode NO.:HQC-ai 001
        Dimension:600*250*260 MM

        Aluminum Chemistry Case

        Mode NO.:HQC-ai 002
        Dimension:480*400*130 MM

        Aluminum Case to Put Apparatus

        Mode NO.:HQC-ai 004
        Dimension:480*400*130 MM

        Aluminum Case Forchemistry Tools

        Mode NO.:HQC-ai 006
        Dimension:480*400*130 MM

        Aluminum Case for Chemistry Tools

        Mode NO.:HQC-ai 007
        Dimension:480*400*130 MM

        Aluminum Equipment Case

        Mode NO.:HQC-ai 009
        Dimension:478*230*60+305 MM

        Equipment Case with Pocket

        Mode NO.:HQC-ai 01

        Equipment Case with Strap

        Mode NO.:HQC-ai 010
        Dimension:320*190*190 MM

        Equipment Case

        Mode NO.:HQC-ai 011
        Dimension:360*280*120 MM

        Aluminum Case to Lab-equipments

        Mode NO.:HQC-ai-005
        Dimension:480*400*130 MM

        Aluminum Testing Case for Teaching

        Mode NO.:HQC-ai 013
        Dimension:420*260*120 MM

        All HQC aluminum cases are offered with individual interior configurations, so that the case is customed to the user’s requirements inside and out. Beyond the presentation function as such, the cases are versatile in application and suitable for transportation as well as storage. Sturdy versions in aluminum make the aluminum instrument cases reliable companions that stand up to even severe external influences for a long time.  

        Whenever you need, please feel free to contact us. Our experience designers will help you to find the better aluminum cases for you.

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