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        E-mail: vincezhang@hqc-aluminumcase.com

        Aluminum Pilot Case

        The Aluminum Pilot case is designed for portability and dependability.

        Compliance with international safety certification, the products meet the national standards.
        Suitable for carry computers, laptop, documents magazines, notebook and calculates.
        Custom make document pocket in down lid. Name card holder and pen holder on the top lid, this pilot case can open from the top. Trolley system easy for carry.

        HQC aluminum case supply different styles of aluminum pilot case. All the color, styles,dimension, inner lining and other parts could be changed to meet customers` requirements.
         Now, we mainly recommend some features of aluminum pilot case:
         1, For aluminum pilot case, there are main two styles: single door and double door. It is easy to understand, single door pilot case only has one door and double door pilot case has two doors.
          2, If you make aluminum pilot case or often use them, you will find their most feature: their dimensions are similar one. Their dimension are usual 480x230x380mm. Different styles of pilot case, their dimensions are only changed a little. For this part, they different from tool case, cosmetic case, flight case and other styles of aluminum case.

        For inner lining of aluminum pilot case, we could design them according to your requirements. Welcome your inquiry at any time.

        Pilot Case with Double Covers

        Mode NO.:HQC-ap 002
        Dimension:460*260*380 MM

        Aluminium Trolley Pilot Case

        Mode NO.:HQC-ap 003
        Dimension:460*260*380 MM

        Aluminium Trolley Case

        Mode NO.:HQC-ap 004
        Dimension:440*240*270 MM

        Aluminium Pilot Case

        Mode NO.:HQC-ap 005
        Dimension:470*180*350 MM

        Double Layers Pilot Case

        Mode NO.:HQC-ap 006
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