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        Flight Case

        Flight case: Durable and robust flight case

        A flight case is a transportation container used to safely pack and transport anything that needs protection. One way to protect your more fragile belongings is the standard flight case. Flight cases can be bulky and hard to transport, but wheels can be installed on them to make them much more mobile. A flight case is typically made of plywood sheets riveted to aluminum extrusions which connect them together. Flight cases are often custom-made to meet specific user requirements.

        China Flight Case

        Mode NO.:HQC-af 001
        Dimension:600*400*300 MM

        Aluminium Flight Case

        Mode NO.:HQC-af 002
        Dimension:600*400*360 MM

        Aluminum Shipping Case

        Mode NO.:HQC-af 003
        Dimension:520*350*210 MM

        Custom Road Case

        Mode NO.:HQC-af 004
        Dimension:680*480*430 MM

        Custom Flight Case

        Mode NO.:HQC-af 005
        Dimension:790*340*280 MM

        Keyboard Cases

        Mode NO.:HQC-af 010

        IMac 27 Flight Case

        Mode NO.:HQC-af 011

        Aluminum Custom Flight Case

        Mode NO.:HQC-af 012
        Dimension:330*280*80+120 MM

        Blue Flight Case

        Mode NO.:HQC-af 013

        Flight Case with Trolley

        Mode NO.:HQC-af 014

        Flight Case with Pickfoam

        Mode NO.:HQC-af 015
        Dimension:490*423*70+140 MM

        Flight Equipment Case From China

        Mode NO.:HQC-af 016
        Dimension:1160*240*730 MM

        Apple IMac 20" case

        Mode NO.:HQC-af 007

        Keyboard Cases

        Mode NO.:HQC-af 010

        Flight Cases for Guitars

        Mode NO.:HQC-af 008

        Flight Case for Musician

        Mode NO.:HQC-af 009
        Dimension:Max Interior 60 x 50 x 30cm

        1.5 U Video Processor Flight Case

        Mode NO.:HQC-af 019
        Dimension:530*490*110 MM

        Damage in transit is aggravating – but largely preventable with good product packaging. So-called transport case or flight case, providing reliable protection against external influences even for delicate articles and safely taking them to their destination, have proven themselves for many products. In a flight case, items are not only protected against impacts and falling – moisture and dirt cannot damage the packaged articles either. Flight cases made of aluminum are highly recommended for both private and commercial use. Aluminum cases are extremely robust, durable and suitable for long-term use.

        HQC aluminum case is your expert for aluminum cases in general and transport cases in particular. We offer our customers a broad selection of cases that can be tailored to a wide variety of needs and requirements. Custom, made-to-measure production is available as well, so that the transport case meets the personal needs of the customer down to every detail. HQC not only fabricates the flight case itself – tailor-made inserts are offered as well, for a case in a format tailored to your needs that also features an optimised interior configuration.

        For storage, transportation or presentation – HQC aluminum case meet all your requirements, fulfil the needs of day-to-day business and are also suitable for a variety of private applications. Manufactured with high material and processing quality, flight cases are durable models that withstand any strain for a long time.

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