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        All aluminum storage box

        2022-02-08 10:54:37

        HQC aluminum case company expands a new business range that is all aluminum box. This box can be used in military, storage, camping, outdoors events etc.

        There are 4 standard sizes of this aluminum box.According to requirements on different durability, you can choose to use different thickness. Most frequently used thickness is 0.8mm,1mm and 1.5mm. You can also customize the dimensions but we need to open molds for different heights

        Furthermore,there are different textures of aluminum panel and various kinds of lid including flat top, with plastic corners and with aluminum corners.

        HQC medium duty aluminum shipping and storage case is sturdy, lightweight and ready for whatever task you need. The distinctive stacking corners allow safe and secure stacking, and the case is sized to match DIN 15141 pallets. Each HQC case includes corner beading, welded aluminum sections, a stainless steel hinge, continuous lid seal and two sturdy lid straps. Elastic handles are also available. Extra combination locks can be added to the padlock for safety usage.

        Custom logo or brand is available on the box. There are different printing methods including silk screen, UV painting, heat transfer and Emboss.

        Color can be customized. There are 4 popular colors, silver, white, beige, army green. Generally, these colors are painted to the surface, but some will be oxidized. To make the surface more durable and anti scratch, mostly we will do oil treatment on the surface Custom foam is also available. We have egg foam, soft foam pick-up foam and die cut foam for your choice.

        HQC aluminum case company is dedicated in manufacturing and developing more and more kinds of case styles, models and technologies,which can help us expand larger market and business.If you have interest in our products, warmly welcome to send us inquiry.


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