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        All black beauty hair tool kit aluminum Barber case

        2022-01-05 08:55:08

        As new year is coming, a stylish aluminum case becomes the new trend.It is made for stylist or people who want to do styling at home,which can organize your hair took kits orderly. HQC aluminum barber case has below features

        1.Large Space Haircut Tool Solution: There are four usable compartments inside——two detachable compartments at the sides of bottom, plenty of spaces in the middle with elastic bands,places for hanging on the top of the box,which can easily place dryer volumizer, rectangular comb, little hair dryer, curling lron/wand and so on. The case is easy to clean

        2.Portability and durability: The sturdy molded plastic wide handle makes it easy to carry the case on the go. Equipped with an installed shoulder strap, it has both aesthetics and convenience. The code lock design firmly protects the safety of the contents in your box

        3.Safety Protection: The aluminum frame and steel rounded corner design will effectively protect your hairdressing case from damage caused by collisions and beatings. The fixed device design in the box will protect your hair-cutting tools from damage caused by violent shaking and impact

        4.Gifts for Friends: This practical hairdressing case can be carried out or used in workplaces such as barbershops. It is a great gift for friends who are barbers, stylists and pet shop caregivers due to it’s highlighting professionalism, stability and maturity

        5.Perfect Storage Space: Overall housing size: 22" x 13" x 4.5", internal size: 14.1" x 12.4" x 2.3"
        6.Light weight:Gross weight of such a case is only 3.17KGS,which is easy and convenient to carry out
        We can also add your brand on the case whether you are an aluminum case wholesaler or retailer,which can help to promote your business.You deserve such a wonderful case.


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