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        Aluminum Tattoo Kit Box Case

        2021-12-03 15:59:50

        HQC is a comany with 10 year experience in producing aluminum cases.This time we will introduce a universal aluminum case for you,which can be used for tattoo tool box.The total package includes 1 Tattoo Kit Carrying Case with Lock, 1 piece of Foam Insert and 2 Keys. It has below features:

        1.HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL:The tattoo tool box with lock is light in weight, all-aluminum high-quality material, wear-resistant, not easy to scratch, and more durable.Compact and light, easy to carry.Dimensions:12.6" x 9.5" x 5.1"(32 x 24 x 13cm).

        2.NICE DESIGN:The tattoo storage box is suitable for most types of rotary or coil tattoo machines. It is very cool and can keep things organized.A lot of space for ink, needles, etc., suitable for personal and professional hairdressers, such as nail artists and tattoo artists. The tattoo box has a lock design to prevent the machine from falling.

        3.WIDELY USEAGE:The tattoo kit suitcase can also store accessories, instruments, household appliances, camera stationery, tattoo machines, hair clippers, gifts, etc.

        4.HIGH CAPACITY:The tattoo box can hold 2 machines, 4 grips and 10 steel nibs. The suitcase of the tattoo kit is large enough to hold tattoo power, tattoo pedals, tattoo clamps, tattoo ink, etc., suitable for tattoos.Artists and makeup microblade artists.

        5.SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We are committed to providing the best after-sales service. If you have any questions about our professional tattoo kit case,Just simply return it for a full refund or exchange.
        HQC aluminum cases can be customized by size, color, foam insert as your request. If you want to add your brand, it is also available.We have silk screen, UV painting,laser and metal plate to print logo. You deserve such a wonderful case and good service from us.


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