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        Dual Flight Case for Digital Screen

        2020-03-26 13:27:33

        Dual digital screen flight case to protect and transport digital screen

        On 13th March 2020, our factory loaded the container of Australia customer, filled with flight cases for digital screen.There are 4 sizes flight cases for digital screens from 43’’ to 85’’. One case can put 2 flight cases of different sizes.
        The flight case is made of 9MM plywood, 30MM aluminum frame, 4 butterfly locks, metal round corner, 6 inserted handles, casters with brakes and without brakes. Inside is EPE foam, U-type foam, dividers, hard and soft paddings.
        So how to make one case to fit 2 digital screen of 2 sizes?
        First, we confirm the external size depending on the size of digital screens, cut the plywood to accurate sizes, use hardwares to assemble the case.
        Second, we stick 1CM EPE foam onto inside plywood, and divide the space into 2 parts by using panels in the middle.
        Third, we mill the groove on the wall and fix the digital screens by moving divisions to different position, to fit different sizes of digital screens.
        Fourth, we install the 2 casters with brakes and 2 casters without brakes under the flight case to move and stop.
        Inside we use U-type foam and paddings to protect the digital screens from damages when transportation.
        We packed these flight cases by adding protection on the corners and surface from scratches.
        This is just one kind of our flight cases. Our flight cases can be made for different applications, sizs, colors, logos. We hope to develop more kinds of flight cases to expand our business in different fields.
        Our new factory was ready in Jan, 2020. We have larger warehouse, cheaper cost, more production lines, more staff. We sincerely expect more orders and cooperation with you.

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