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        Trunk Utility Flight Case with Casters

        2020-02-26 15:35:46

        The Trunk Utility Flight Case with Casters from HQC aluminum case co., ltd. is a very strong ATA flight case made to sustain impact and protect equipment during long travel. The inside of the case is lined with hard rubber foam pads, and the case is made of 3/8" thick plywood covered by a black laminate. The case is reinforced with tongue and grooved aluminum railings and steel ball corners.

        All railings and corners have been fastened with industrial rivets. The lid has spring-loaded handles with rear hinges to keep the lid open, and butterfly-twist latches to close the case. At the top of the case are caster dishes for stacking, and at the bottom is a set of four 4" casters with brakes on two of the wheels. The inner rubber lining of the case contains 70% recycled material, and 80% of that material comes from recycled plastic bottles.

        Details as follows
        1.Case made with 3/8" plywood with black laminate
        2.Interior is lined with hard rubber
        3.Tongue and groove metal railing
        4.Steel ball corners
        5.Aluminum extrusions surround caster dishes for secure case stacking
        6.Industrial rivets
        7.Spring-loaded handles
        8.Rubber feet
        9.4" Casters with brakes on two wheels

        This is just one of our hot selling flight cases. We have developed various kinds of flight road cases for our customers. For example, application for lcd 43’’,55’’,60’’, for guitar case and piano case, for stage lights and equipments, for imac 21 and 27, for furniture. You give us designs and drawings, we make the flight case for you. Size, color, foam, logo can be customized according to your requirement. We welcome your inquiries.

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