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        E-mail: vincezhang@hqc-aluminumcase.com

        Aluminum Black Case

        Mode No.: HQC-c 019
        Dimension: 300*255*90 MM
        External: Aluminum
        Internal: Can be customized

        Product Origin: Changzhou,China
        Price Terms: USD 7-20/piece FOB Shanghai
        Port Origin: Shanghai, China
        Minimum Order: 200 pieces,the more the price will be cheaper
        Supply Capacity: 100000 pieces /month
        Packing Instruction: Firstly?use?the?bubble?bag,than use the carton packaged
        Delivery Lead Time: 30-35days after samples approval
        Shipment: We will send you latest preferential price of shipping for your reference.
        Payment: By T/T 30% deposit after order confirmed,70% balance against B/L copy

        For this aluminum black case, it is small aluminum case. Using middle round-profile. The panel is 3.5 MM thickness MDF panel which glued ABS sheet.
        The corner is plastic one+metal one. Most factory want to save cost, they do not use plastic corners, because you could not see them from outside. They are in the bottom of metal corners.
        If do not use plastic one, the profile could not fix well, it is easy to change the shape.
        The lock is clip lock. The case is small, it could fit case better.
        Dimension could be changed as your requirements. The best feature of flight cases is that we do not need to pay for too much expensive costing of molding. It is different from plastic cases.
        For the logo, we have too many styles too. If you need, you could check: How to add your logo.

        NOW, we mainly explain the best feature of this black case. The profile is paint style. We call this is do spraying plastics too.
        If you want the color profile, and it must be very strong, spraying plastics is very good style. It is different from oxidation style, oxidation profile is easy to have scratch, and it is easy to damage too. It is because oxide coating is too thin, it is easy to damage or move. But, the paint of spraying plastics is very thick and strong.
        Of course, if you just want to need nicer one, oxidation is better style.

        Yes, if you want to change the color or other parts, we could try to cooperate. Whenever you need any style cases, feel free to contact HQC aluminum case. Then we will try our best to service for you.


        From 2010 to 2018, we rented workshops for production in Changzhou  In 2019, we built our own factory in Chuzhou,
        and set up an office in Changzhou.


        Our products and accessories have passed different tests and get certificates such as ISO, ROHS, REACH, PFOA, PFOS.


        Most of our workers have more than 6-year working experience in making cases, who can control and improve product quality.


        We accept customization in color, logo, lining etc.

           ? Silver color is usual one
           ? Other color is more
               expensive than silver one
           ? Printing logo is usual style
           ? Others have different
           ? Different inner lining could
              meet different requirements



        Cases of different styles are available. We provide more choices to meet various applications




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