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        E-mail: vincezhang@hqc-aluminumcase.com

        Pure Aluminum Case/ Aluminum Briefcase with Pockets

        Mode No.: C11-XL
        Dimension: 460*350*115 MM
        External: Aluminum panel
        Internal: Can be customized

        Price?Terms: USD30-50/piece Ex-work
        Port?Origin: Shanghai, China
        Minimum?Order: 100?pieces, the more the price will be cheaper
        Supply?Capacity: 10000?pieces?/month
        Packing?Instruction: Firstly?use?the?bubble?bag,?than?use?the?carton?packaged
        Delivery?Lead?Time: 30-35days?after?samples?approval
        Shipment: We?will?send?you?latest?preferential?price?of?shipping?for?your?reference.
        Payment: By?T/T?30%?deposit?after?order?confirmed,70%?balance?against?B/L?copy

        Pure black finishing, the body material of case is aluminum, it is strong and lightweight.
        Very nice surface, trolley could supply too much support when we travel.
        All inner parts could change as you need too.
        HQC founded in 2011, are a custom case manufacturer ,providing aluminum tool cases, aluminum equipment cases, aluminum instrument cases, aluminum briefcases, aluminum gun cases, rifle case, shourt gun case, flight cases, transport case, aluminum carrying case, pure aluminum case, hard plastic case and presentation cases for commercial, industrial, and military applications.
        HQC Aluminum Case Co., Ltd is a factory and export company. We mainly do different customized cases. Our features:
        * We have too many different style cases, Aluminum frame case, Hard plastic case, EVA case, Pure aluminum case and too many partners which could us better support.
        * For the quality case, we confirm confirm every case will have very good quality, we check every case two times at least. We do all the cases all by hands, do not do in production line. It could promise that all the parts of case could fit very well too.
        * MOQ is good too.
         For usual aluminum frame case, 50 case is ok for us.
         Order more cases, the price will be better.
        * Many styles of inner lining, different logo style and too many different materials are for you choose.
        If you need cases, HQC Aluminum Case is good choice, we have too many years experience designers and workers to do every parts for you.

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